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Colcom is Glasgow's leading computer repair and upgrade service. Expert, friendly and dependable, Colcom is a name you can trust.

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Colcom offers our clients a friendly, reliable, honest home and small business technology repair and consultancy service. We aim to be the best there is, with continuing customer satisfaction our key goal.

Further to the services you may have come to expect from a computer consultancy company, we also offer a range of complementary services that will improve your home and office utility budgeting and support. We offer a ‘one stop shop’ for your Telephone, Broadband, Gas, Electricity and Mobile service provision. We do this with the knowledge that we can provide our clients with the superior level of customer support they deserve in their technology, energy and communications needs.

If you have an interest in knowing more, please look around this site or click on the picture link below for a look at our distributor’s portal where you will find further information on our energy and communications services.

I now produce a monthly newsletter offering advice and news as well as my  ‘Crapware Choplist’. A list of all the weird and wonderful software that is clogging up our computers. Click on the picture below to subscribe.

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Please feel free to get in touch by email or freephone for advice and further information. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers down through the years, I always feel very grateful for being trusted into your homes and offices to carry out my work, which I enjoy mightily.

If you have already used Colcom and have a testimonial or suggestion. There is a short survey we would love you to fill out here.



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