Anti Virus software is quite a divisive issue. Usually people like to stick to what they know and are happy to carry on regardless. I confess that I am a little like that, I have stuck with my favourite; Bullguard, now for 7 or 8 years and as long as they provide me with user interface I can recommend to my customers as being easy to understand and as long as they do the job they set out to do – keep nasties away, then why change.

Well, change you might; renewal prices change and so do the quality of the products. Some recent disasters with AV software underline the point. Recently a BT Netprotect McAfee firewall issue stopped all internet traffic on problem computers, Avast’s free antivirus program is stopping machines booting in to Windows and a recurring Norton issue necessitates that the program needs removed and reinstalled. These are recurring problems I have encountered in the last three months.

Furthermore, the auto-renewal subscription feature in most antivirus programs pretty much ensures that you are getting the ticket price and are missing the any deals on offer. I recommend to my Bullguard customers to hold off until the product expires as they will sometimes offer an immediate 25% discount.

As I said, I have my favourite AV, but my choice of program very much depends on the platform on which the software runs. Is it installed on Windows XP? If so remove it as no AV program can plug the holes of that much loved but very much sinking ship. April next year will be the end of XP’s update cycle, shortly after software and hardware vendors will cease to support it too.

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